Top DIY Home Improvement YouTube Channels

If you’re a home restoration enthusiast getting your hands on your first ever DIY project, it helps to have multiple resources at your disposal to widen your know-how and improve your skills.

As a starter, here are four YouTube channels worth following for when you need some video references for your initial DIY home improvement projects:


This is the go-to channel for when you’re on the lookout for basic information that beginners need to know about processes and products. Simple yet useful topics like masking tapes, paint brushes, and room moss can be found in this YouTube channel hosted by Tim Carter who provides detailed how-tos that make DIY plain and simple to novices.

eHow Home

Featuring short video clips, eHow does a good job of providing instructions and advice on cleaning, decorating, and repairing around the home. Some of the topics covered in this YouTube channel include home design and organizing ideas, basic candle making, flooring projects, kitchens, pest control, furniture restoration, and more.


It’s essentially an online how-to channel that features a broad range of lifestyle topics. But you can also find here some great video tutorials geared towards homeowners looking to do some worthwhile DIY projects at home, like styling tips for an open plan living room and DIY furniture polish. So that you won’t get lost, head to the channel’s House and Garden section.


Home to a hundred video tutorials on different DIY home remodeling and improvement projects, HomeAdditionPlus provides an easy-to-understand overview of each process for improving one’s home.