Top 4 Carpet Cleaning Questions Answered

If you’re a new homeowner, you might not be familiar with the carpet cleaning process. Every few months, you’ll likely notice that your carpets are looking dingy and dull – that means it’s time for carpet cleaning. You probably have a lot of questions about carpet cleaning, why it’s important, and how it will affect your home. The top four questions about carpet cleaning are answered here, so you can start getting into a carpet cleaning routine with all the necessary knowledge under your belt.

carpet cleaning by TNT Chem-Dry

Why is Carpet Cleaning Important?

There are two major reasons why carpet cleaning is so important. The first is appearance, and the second is health. Carpets act as a natural air filter for our homes. As the air circulates throughout your house, your carpets filter out particles of dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens and trap them within their individual fibers so that you’re not breathing these contaminants in all day. After a while, the fibers of your carpets will become overly saturated with dirt and dust and will start to split apart, resulting in a worn, frayed appearance. If you neglect regular carpet cleaning, your carpets will appear to age exponentially faster than they should, and after a while, even the deepest cleaning won’t be able to recover their original appearance.

The second major reason carpet cleaning is so important is the overall health and cleanliness of your home. When your carpets become overly full of contaminants as mentioned above, that also means that they won’t be able to filter any additional particles out of your home’s air. All those allergens and bacteria will have nowhere to go, and they will continue to circulate throughout your home’s air until they’re inhaled by you or your family. Regular cleanings will help ensure that your carpets can continuously work to keep the air in your home clean and your family healthy.

Is Professional a Carpet Cleaning Company or DIY Carpet Cleaning Better?

When it comes to carpet cleaning, it’s better to let the professionals handle it. While there are a lot of different carpet cleaning machines you can rent for the day and operate yourself, they can’t even come close to the effectiveness of professional equipment. At-home carpet cleaning machines will usually only clean the top layer of your carpet but can’t get deep enough to reach all the dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens caught in the deeper layers of your carpets. With a professional carpet cleaning company, you’ll be paying a little more, but you’ll be left with carpets that are deeply clean and look beautiful and new for longer. TNT Chem-Dry offers expert carpet cleaning in Brentwood, TN. They use a special carpet cleaning method called Hot Carbonating Extraction that’s specially designed to get deep into the layers of your carpet and remove allergens, bacteria, dirt, and dust while using 80% less water than a traditional steam carpet cleaning company. If you’re looking for carpet cleaning in Brentwood but aren’t sure if you’re going to go with a professional company, check out TNT Chem-Dry and see everything they have to offer.

Will my Carpets Shrink?

If your carpets are made of natural fibers, there is a risk of them shrinking as a result of cleaning – but only if you choose the wrong carpet cleaning method. Steam cleaning is a common carpet cleaning technique, but it will often make carpets made of natural fibers shrink considerably after cleaning. You’re going to want to find a carpet cleaning company that uses some form of hot water extraction instead of steam cleaning.

Will Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies Use Harsh Chemicals on my Carpets?

Some companies use detergents and soaps that contain harsh chemicals to clean your carpets. If you have small children or pets running around your home, this could be a considerable concern. Make sure to research your potential carpet cleaning company carefully and look for one that uses all-natural cleaning products. Another benefit of avoiding harsh chemicals, detergent, and soap, is that all-natural cleaners won’t leave behind any sticky, dirt-attracting residue like harsher cleaners will. That means your carpets will stay cleaner longer, and you’ll get more out of your investment in professional carpet cleaning.