Ideas For A Beautiful Dog House

Every dog owner around the world can’t help but want the absolute best for their furry friend. Whether you are looking for a new bed for them to rest on, new toys and treats for them to enjoy, or a new living space for your four legged companion, it’s important to look up some creative ideas before hand to ensure that you are not only pleased with the final appearance of the dog house, but your dog actually uses it too! Every dog needs a home that they can unwind in after a long day of ruff-housing.


We talked with the veterinarians at a nearby Richmond-based animal clinic, Wellesley Animal Hospital, to see what kind of ideas they had for implementing a custom doggie home – the staff were extremely helpful and had a great time coming up with these ideas:

  1. The first idea is a crooked design! Based on creative architectural designs, these type of dog houses have slanted roofs, curved doors, and almost remind you of taking a trip to Disney World. They are fun, creative, and look great.. The only downside is they can definitely be a pain to build and design. It’s absolutely important that you find a great set of plans and follow them to the exact specifications, or else this project could turn into a major headache.
  2. Another great idea that we’ve come across often are dog homes that resemble a modern, elegant house. These are generally easier to build and design, because there are plenty of tutorials and plans out there available to follow. A good reason to choose these style homes is the option for fully customizable paint options!
  3. One of my personal favorite designs, for both a dog’s home and your own, is a traditional log cabin style. These can be one of the harder designs to make, because the process and technique of putting together a log cabin is very tedious and extremely precise and specific. Make sure you grab one of your handy friends before you attempt to take these on!
  4. If you want to treat your furry friend like royalty, then perhaps you want to consider a beautiful dog house that’s modeled after an old fashioned castle! These are always fun to design and build, and they often provide a great aesthetic appearance to your back yard. Kids and even adults will want to live in it!

Providing a space for your dog to relax and unwind, and remove himself from the chaos and frenzy that is your home is a major factor in ensuring a healthy lifestyle for them. When you are deciding to get a canine or not, these can be some of the things to keep in mind. A healthy pet is a perfect pet!