Building Your Own Office at Home? 8 Clever Décor Ideas for a Work-Friendly Space

Setting up your workstation at home? Regardless of how big or small your available space at home is, you can work from home in style with these eight clever interior design ideas.

1. Set your desk in front of a window.

A little sunlight can help boost your productivity, so it’s best to place your workstation in front of a window. It’ll offer you a great view, too. Add blinds or blackout curtains to offset harsh sunlight and fill the bare corner of the room with a tall bookshelf. The shelf will make your office essentials like pens, calculators, planners, etc. within an arm’s reach.

2. Achieve a modern, minimalist look.

If you want everything to look sleek and neat, your best bet is a set of white desk and chair that won’t make your workspace look too busy and cluttered.

3. Work with colors.

Do white and other neutral colors bore you to death? You can, of course, choose to create a vibrantly colorful work desk at home. This design technique especially works when you want to make your workspace look distinct from the room where it’s located, like the bedroom or living room. When you’re using a lot of colors, the key having a great design is to have a consistent style when it comes to your furniture style.

4. Get a C-table for a small room.

If the available space for your home office is very limited, you can go for a portable laptop or desktop table instead. Look for a table with a C-shaped frame so that you can tuck it under your bed. Literally, you won’t have to get out of your bed to work.

5. Blend your home office design with your existing room design.

Your home office’s design need not be different from the one you already have in the room. You can choose to integrate your workspace’s design to what you already have at home for a consistent look.

6. Go for an industrial-modern home office style.

To achieve this stylish design, use a combination of wooden and steel furniture pieces. You can even have a mobile office by choosing furniture with casters so that you can move them to any area at home as you please.

7. Install floating shelves.

Maximize the space in your home office by adding floating shelves that can accommodate your books, work items, and decorative items. Instead of taking up space horizontally, you leverage on your wall to provide the extra space you need.

8. Repurpose an old unused closet into a workspace.

Do you have any closet at home that you no longer use? The space it takes up would be a waste if you don’t take advantage of it. You can transform it into a lovely workstation by adding a desk and some floating shelves. Adorn the wall with a pretty wallpaper, and your closet will never look the same again.

As you can see, it doesn’t take much space to have your own stylish workstation at home. All you need is a bit if creativity and resourcefulness to turn any idle area at home into a good-looking and functional home office.