How to Make Your Living Space More Energy Efficient

Home improvement projects do more than just making your living space look better. Did you know that in some simple tweaks at home, you can greatly reduce your monthly power bills? In the United States alone, households spend more than a hundred billion dollars per year. Avoid adding up to the statistics—make your home more energy efficient and save on electricity costs with these four hacks:

1. Go for dual-flush toilets.

If your bathroom toilets have a single flush, you can save as much as a hundred dollar per year by replacing them with dual-flush ones. A dual-flush toilet has two buttons or handles with different flush strengths, helping you use only the amount of water that you actually need.

2. Turn off any unused computers.

Because of convenience, people tend to just leave their laptops or desktops turned on even if they’re not using them. These electronic devices still consume energy even though you’re not using yours, as long as you keep it on. When you’re not using your laptop for more than half an hour, you’d better shut it down to save on electricity.

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3. Use your fan more often than the AC.

It’s a no-brainer—air-conditioning units use up more energy than ceiling fans. So use your fan more often than your AC when the weather is cool. That way, you’ll save power by as much as 10%.

4. Opt for light dimmers.

Used in combination with your LED lights at home, light dimmers can contribute around 10% in energy savings at home. Depending on your lighting needs, you can adjust the level that your dimmers can deliver. That way, no electricity gets wasted.

The key to making your home energy efficient is to be conscious of how you’re consuming electricity at home and making some adjustments as needed.

5 Quick and Inexpensive DIY Home Upgrades for the Busy Professional

So much to do, so little time—if you can relate to this, and your daily schedules are always jam-packed, that shouldn’t be an excuse not to make time for some interior upgrades in your living space.

Yes, home renovation and improvement projects are usually expensive and time-consuming, but there are some upgrades that you can do without investing much time and money to make your place a cozier and better place to live in.

Hang some artworks on the wall

Got some paintings and art pieces gathering dust somewhere at home? Put them to good use by adorning them to your walls. This will add some personality and character to your home’s interior. If you have walls painted in neutral colors, then go for vibrant artworks that will certainly stand out.

Mount shelves

If you’re not into art, there’s an alternative way to jazz up your plain walls: add some shelves that are both decorative and functional, as you can also use them for storage.

Get rid of clutter

Because we’re so preoccupied with the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we tend to collect more stuff at home that we don’t actually need and just take up valuable space. Take away all the clutter, and see the difference it makes to the ambiance of your home.

Add some greens

Give your home a calming ambiance by placing some potted indoor plants in key areas such as the center table and beside the couch and by the bedroom window. Houseplants also do double-duty of purifying the air in your home.

Create a focal point

You know what makes a home interior dull and boring? Every corner and area looking the same. When you devote a space for making a focal point (such as a big vintage furniture or mirror) at any area of your home, your living space will look more inviting to your future guests.

Got some more easy and low-cost ideas for giving your home an uplift? Let us know!

Have a Tight Budget? 4 Low-Cost Hacks for Your Kitchen Makeover

If you have all the time and money in the world, you can do almost anything you’d like to make your home a better living space. Perhaps, you’ve been dreaming of building your own outdoor pizza oven or renovating your old porch. While you’re saving up for the big home improvement projects, there are some simple DIY hacks you can do without having to spend a lot of time and money. Let’s start with the kitchen.

1. Paint your kitchen walls and floors

Even things as simple as changing the color of your walls and floors can dramatically improve the look of your kitchen. Tired of the off-white color that’s been there for years? Change things up a bit by painting your kitchen walls with a vivid color such as bright red or lime green.

2. Replace the cabinet knobs

Enhancing the appearance of your kitchen doesn’t have to be a big-time project. You can start small—like replacing the knobs or handles on your cabinets. Some suggestions for stylish knobs: bronze, stainless steel, brass, crystal, or glass.

3. Add a modern-style backsplash

Backsplashes can be used not just for utilitarian purposes (like protecting your kitchen walls from food splatters and liquid spills) but also for decorative ones. You can go chic and trendy by installing a backsplash made of metals, stone, or glass. The result? A modern and sleek look!

4. Add some colors

Utensils, chairs, mats, containers, curtains, and any kitchen essential can add a dash of color to your otherwise boring kitchen. These items won’t cost you much but will make your kitchen look like brand new.

All these kitchen upgrades sound easy, right? Yes, because they’re actually easy and inexpensive to do on your own. Have you given your kitchen a makeover? Tell us your experience!