About Great White Nowhere

*waves*   Hi there, this is me, "the face behind the blog."

 I [sporadically] write a DIY/shelter+lifestyle journal about our home improvement projects, renovations, organizing challenges, the odd recipe du-jour and life in rural Canada, which sometimes includes complaints about the weather, professions of love for poutine and lots of pictures of my dogs.

(Let's be honest, it's mostly pictures of my dogs).

In 2008 we took a chance and moved north (way north) to Red Lake Ontario. In late 2009, after a year of renting,  we purchased our first home  (a 1942 super-fixer-upper). This blog* began as a lifeline—a way to stay in touch with friends and family who are spread far and wide across several countries and continents—a place to keep a living record of what the heck we were doing in the middle of nowhere. 

In late 2015, opportunity knocked (more like beat down our door) and we decided to take another leap of faith—we packed our things, sold the house we thought we'd never leave, and headed south—we were going home

2016 has already been a year of changes; new house, new** town, new school, new career. As time goes on this blog will undergo a few changes and growing pains itself as we settle into the rhythm of our new routine and set the pace for the next chapter of our lives.

While we're not building or DIY'ing we like to travel, eat, hike, read, or just hang out enjoying the great outdoors. 

 *Great White Nowhere was re-launched in 2013 under the new name (GWN) but was originally known as Adventures In Building Beauty; We're located in Northwestern Ontario where I live with my husband and son.

**our 'new' town is actually my husband's hometown with a lot of family history, so new, but not entirely.