Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Entryway Storage Bench

The entry between our kitchen and dining room may not currently be in use, but we have big plans for it when the weather turns warm again. Despite the fact that our basement entry is bigger, wider, leads in directly from the street and has more storage is not lost on us but no matter what we do down there or how much we spruce it up, it will still be a basement and it will always fall under the category of "unfinished." Which is why we have been making plans for the upper level entry.

Using these plans from we set about building this very very simple storage bench. One thing they might not make clear in the plans though, 1x12" boards don't technically exist. 1" thick ply wood ripped into 12" widths, yes; laminated pine project panels in 12" widths, yes, but 1"x12" lumber? No. We opted to buy 16" wide laminated pine project panels, even though the cost worked out to be about the same as what it would be to buy a flat-packed melamine-uniboard IKEA/Sauder quality pre-fab bench, we like that wood tends to be sturdier, and last longer (not to mention being moisture resistant).
{project panels}
As with most simple furniture projects you start by assembling what looks to be a box

{measure twice, cut once}
{attaching the sides to the top}

{structural dividers}

After gluing and drilling and clamping, it's starting to look like a bench.

The legs and trim pieces on give it a finished look and voila! You have a storage bench.

To be perfectly honest this bench has been done for weeks now (weeks I tell you!) waiting for a finishing topcoat... which hasn't happened yet. I'll be back with more pictures once I get it painted.

Anyone else build anything recently?