Friday, February 1, 2013

Small {Dining} Additions.

January has a way of filling people with false motivation doesn't it? And then one day you realize, that even though it's a new year, it's still grey and cold and all you want to do is hibernate, and not be productive.

In this case at least I have a bit of an excuse, having been sick since the end of October the last few months have been a bit of a gong show around here. Even though I've been under the weather (sinus infection that would.not.go.away. followed by the flu, then bronchitis, and then a mix of costrachrondritis and viral pneumonia.. dear immune system, I hate you) I've been trying to get a few little things here and there done. 

A while back I tweeted about finally being brave enough to sew those curtains I bought material for last March. And sew curtains I did.. but then they just hung out in a bag waiting to be hung for almost a whole month.
{sewn and laundered}
In the meantime while the curtains were stuck in curtain limbo Jesse and I decided hung a mirror that I had picked up on sale forever ago, with the intent of it sitting above our imaginary liquor cabinet.

{cluttered and mirrorless}
 After some jimmy-rigging and making a few more holes than necessary we finally got the mirror up on the wall. I wasn't entirely sure how it would look once it was up, and to be honest I wasn't 100% convinced it would work in the room, not that I told Jesse that as he would have refused to help, ha. 

I like how it reflects a little bit more light into the room, not that the dining room is particularly dark to begin with, but it's also nice to have a functional mirror on the wall. We only have one tiny awkward mirror up in the bathroom, because we're ignoring all that is wrong in there until demo-day.

Did I mention that we also added some faux-fancy trim and mouldings to our doors and windows? Well we did. You may have seen it here when I babbled about IKEA, or here when I gushed about our box-beam. It's not all entirely done. We still have a couple windows and a door to re-do before I can say that step is finished, but it's still a nice change from the dinky-mismatched trim we inherited when we bought. 
{wonky mismatched trim on move in day}
We found a great and easy tutorial for the new trim+mouldings over at A Charming Nest. Go check it out if you like the look!

After hanging the mirror the adjacent wall felt a little bare, a little empty and awkward. 

Luckily I already had something on hand that would fit the space as well as be appropriate. Over the summer I played around with some typography inspired art using home-printed stencils and a recycled canvas, specifically for our silly-narrow basement stairs. I have to admit, I had originally thought I would put it in the stairwell itself, but our six year old suggested I put it by the door, since it looked like a sign to him. 

I tweaked the painting a little before framing and hanging since I felt like something was missing from it. 

Using some scrap 1x2's, miniwax polyshades and an air nailer I quickly and easily made a custom frame for my custom canvas sign. All by myself even! Though there was a lot of texting back and forth between Jesse and myself, mostly of him not being 100% convinced I wouldn't botch it and me being impatient and just wanting to finish something, I got it done with a lot less frustration than I had expected.

It took a bit of fussing to get the picture hung on centre and at the same height as the mirror, as most of the household screwdrivers had mysteriously absconded into someones tool bag.. but all in all not bad for a free project. 

The canvas is a bit smaller than the mirror, but I'm not a huge stickler for absolute symmetry for it to bother me. Next up on our Do List for this room is to get some crown moulding up, buy some new dining chairs, mount the curtain rods and hang some curtains, and maybe, just maybe build a liquor cabinet.