Monday, June 20, 2011

Bored? Build a Bench!

There has been a lot of heel dragging going around #16 of late, though there are things we know we want to do (should do) there has been a lack of team effort. Whether it is a work schedule not syncing up, play dates monopolizing gorgeous afternoons or the dreaded napping Martina burrowed under a pile of blanket, hiding from the word 'work' things have been moving at a snails pace.

Surprisingly this project was a breeze, compared to what a monstrosity we thought it might be (however, if you plan on building this bench yourself make sure to double check the cut list as it only accounts for half the materials in several cases--particularly the legs).

Luckily for us we already had the most of the material (2x4s) at our disposal-- left over lumber from other projects which was bonus for us as it meant spending less money, score!

After measuring to perfect height (our table is tall yo), and making several diagrams & going over the construction plans several times, we were ready to start.Unfortunately J started into this project without telling me and was several steps ahead of my camera.

Firstly measure the legs to your desired length cut, laminate (glue & clamp for 4+hours).
when the legs are done, we notched out a spot for a 1x3 spacer.

 While the legs were laminating, we assembled the aprons & stretchers which basically looks like a ladder. It is imperative in this step to pre-drill as the stretchers are 1x2 boards and will crack if you try and drive a screw into them. 

Next we flipped the bench upside down to attach the bench top from the bottom through the stretchers (again pre-drilled pilot holes and  used a countersink bit for a finished look).

When all was said and done, we gave the bench a nice sanding, to make it smooth as can be before we get to spiffing it up with some stain to match the table (which also has yet to be finished).