Sunday, October 31, 2010

This is Halloween.

So, as far as I know we had six trick-or-treaters (there are only about fifty houses in our neighbourhood & we're on a back street), we drove over to a few friend's houses and left about fifteen treat bags out front with our door man, and when we came home there were about six left.

Frank(enstein) was absent this year, but we had a decent stand in that the kids found to be more 'real' (yes, that is an Uncle  Fester mask)

It was a pretty cool evening (too chilly for any 'revealing costumes') but it was nice to see so many houses in the municipality done up for the holiday. Halloween Spirit is alive and well in RL. 
 Here are a few quick (and somewhat crappy) pics of the decorations:

We strew zombie bones across our shitty, creaky covered porch and received many compliments from the parents of frightened children -- I thought it was a little meh. I wanted to put out solar lights (on the lawn) between tombstones with some dirt and stick the bones and whatnot out of it, but what with the snow and all it kind of put a kibosh on the more elaborate plan. 
Our Frankenstein jack-o-lantern was quite the pain to carve (I used a kitchen knife as we could not find our pumpkin carving kit, which was ultra lame) but it turned out all right, so I'm okay with that. 
The smaller, somewhat happier jack-o-lantern (can they really be happy with their guts pulled out and their faces cut up and a fire inside them?), was actually a comparable breeze to design & carve out compared the the Frankenstein rendering.

And here are a few more 'artistic' (read: I thought they looked neat & kinda 'ghost-like') pictures:
(click the picture above to make it bigger & you'll see multiple pumpkin faces floating around)

and one more for good measure:
I hope everyone out there had a safe & fantastic Halloween, I am now going to coax myself into a hypoglycemic stupor, since someone has to do something with all that left over loot.