Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Overdue Hosta Update: Survey says, not a complete failure!

Mr. J & I transplanted some hostas from Mr. J's father's garden a while back (heck had to be July!), and have kind of just left them do do their own thing for the past month or so.
Well the other day it dawned upon me to check and see if my half-cocked job of separating the crowns was a complete failure or not, well I am pleased to announce that I didn't end up killing them all, and in fact, have some lovely new growth to show off!

I am ecstatic about this progress, since the crowns we transplanted had to travel about 3 hours in the the peak of a heat wave. We were careful to cover them with a silva-cool super tarp (designed to reflect UV and keep seedlings cool on reforesting projects) and give the roots a good soak before the trip, but the hosta leaves were in a sad, brown place when they arrived. Over all I am happy with the results. Besides, next year I can always re-home more!

I have to get myself back into the habit of actually planning & being active about the yard, a part of me still thinks that this is vacation and that school isn't starting for the munchkin next week (yikes!), with all the extra time to myself coming up I am going to have to buckle down on projects that can be completed before the frost & snow bury us for our long winters nap (and by winter's nap, I obviously mean that I will just be going insane with interior renovation & decor projects rather than landscaping & gardening projects).