Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flora! flora! flora!

Okay, I know anyone reading this blog is probably getting sick to death of seeing my gratuitous pictures of lilies, so I apologise, next year I swear we will have some kick ass annuals, shade loving ground cover, vegetable goodness, and other types of plants to gush over. Unfortunately, this year has been (mostly) a year of observance, to try and see what is already growing, where it is growing, where the sun is/isn't in the yard as well as taking a good note on drainage.

Thankfully lilies are resilient little buggers, and grow damn near anywhere as long as they get a goodly amount of sun.  So without further ado, here are some more lilies (mostly).

                      The buds in the front of the raised bed are finally starting to colour up!  It is about time!
 Our white/light pink orientals opened and are now adding their fragrance to that of the other lilies; it literally smells sweet like floral cotton candy or something.
These fuchsia blooms were a complete (though welcome) surprise. Hidden in the front garden, almost under the apple tree, the stalk on this bastard is thicker than Mr. J's thumb at the base, and is over 3 feet tall. Monstrous, but lovely. And speaking of the apple tree..
Apples! We have them! I was super bummed because although both our apple trees flowered, we hadn't caught any glimpses of fruit. Well, when I was in the garden taking pictures of our huge lily (above), I noticed these little greens hiding under some of the low-lying branches. Now I am pumped. :)
These little orange berries are on a 3-4 ft tall shrubby-tree in the front garden. The tree had small, fragrant pink blooms in May, and looks really really similar to a 'clumping' tree/shrub that Mr. J's father has in his yard (though Mr.J's father's tree has slightly redder berries). Though it has been suggested, I don't think it is a mountain ash, as mountain ashes usually have opaque red-orange berries that grow in clusters, rather than singularly. That, and the leaf shape is all wrong.
I am going to have to quiz the powers that be on what genus this is, as the birds really enjoy the berries in fall/early winter.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Things in the yard that make me simle :)

A few more quick pictures! Our first orange lily opened on the morning of the 17th;makes me crave orange sherbet for some reason..

Our dark pink oriental has opened a few more buds
the lighter pink/white oriental is only a few days behind, and there are a few more buds starting to colour up as well. Definitely looking forward to the colour variations!

Go ahead and call me a freak, but I like fungus,and moss, so this duo is really grin worthy to me (blame it on watching Ferngully twice a day every day for two years  as a kid but I think it's awesome).

Sunday, July 11, 2010

New Garden fragrance: oriental lilies.

It finally stopped raining long enough to mow and whipper snip, yay! Whipper snipper flinging rocks and letting out line that prematurely chopped down our only wild tiger lilies? Boo!

But, on the plus side, the darker  Oriental bloomed this morning! :D

We have been scoping out the sunny spots in the yard and taking note, as there are a handful of lilies that will be needing a transplant come September. We are also hoping to pick up a lot (seriously, a LOT) of autumn bulbs to bed before snow hits in November, because we realized (a little late) that we could fill in some of the raised beds WAY more than we first thought. 

I have got my heart set on some white, and perhaps more pink lilies. I think it will be awesome next year, especially since J's father has already asked (begged) for us to divide his hostas this spring which have started to take over his back yard. We didn't have our shady spaces ready this year, but next year, oh baby, oh baby, it is going to be sweet!

Images in this post ©M. Bjarneson 2010. 

Friday, July 9, 2010

Lilies (Asiatic).

Okay, word of warning, [as you may have figured out by now] I am not dial up friendly. That being said, the lilies have been opening up like nobodies business over the last few days! I'll try and post them chronologically (Tues. 06/07/10--Thurs.08/07/10). I apologize for the over-saturation; clouds can have that effect!

All images in this post ©
M. Bjarneson (yours truly, Ms. B).

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Poeny ♥

It bloomed!