Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flora -- A Mad Cap Tour Through the Greenhouse.

The greenhouse is always one of my favourite places to go visit when I get the chance. Though I missed the newest shipment of plants, there were quite a few annuals already in bloom and showing off their colours. 
Though I couldn't justify buying any of these stunners just yet [the beds aren't even fully built/prepped] it was nice to look around and get some ideas for later years. 

There were tons of flashy ground covers, mostly full sun/part sun lovers, which would work in some areas, but most of the most eye catching were annuals as well. 

There were some silvery-green looking ground covers that were nice and slightly fragrant that were a shady/part sun perennial, but for the most part, I think I am going to leave the shady spots under the pines to hostas and mosses, maybe some creeping thyme (for the most part; I'm certain that once significant progress is made I'll be considering shade loving species for some colourful focals).

I loved the bleeding hearts, I want to plant some, but we haven't even really thought about hanging baskets or window boxes--I may buy some and test them out in some raised beds and see if I can encourage them to drape/creep along the rocks. 

The begonias were lush and vibrant, reminding me yet again why I adore them. Sometimes I feel like I am getting ahead of myself, but even if I'm not planting immediately, it's nice to see the different varieties. 

I didn't walk away empty handed though, two oriental lilies, cultivated nicely to play biennial fiddles with my Asiatic bulbs (which should be perennial), a pot of calla lilies since Jesse is such a fan, and a flowering plum tree. We were torn between getting cherry, plum, or flowering crabs but since we already have two apple trees in the front garden we decided to go with a different type. The buds started opening over the weekend and the colour is just phenomenal, I'll have to grab a picture when the sun comes back out, but I think I may pick up at least one more plum tree of the same variety as it is just too pretty. 

Since Jesse & I have been away every weekend for the past month or so, we're endeavouring to stay home this time around and maybe we'll make a little headway; with the newly purchased weed whacker maybe the 'hay' will get under control finally.

All images © Martina Bjarneson; please ask to use or copy.